A committee of judges shall select and place all classes and listen to all reasons. The contest will consist of six classes. Performance data will be used when available. One or more of the placings classes will be designated by the judges as an oral reasons/questions class. Conferring between other contestants, parents, and/or advisers is strictly prohibited during the judging contest.

Time Allotted: Contestants will be allowed 12 minutes to place each class. There will be a two-minute time warning in each class to signal contestants it is time to hand in their cards to their group leader. 

Materials: Notepad and a pen.

Dress: There is no required dress for this contest, however, jackets, caps, or other apparel identifying and individual’s state of residence or farm/ranch affiliation are prohibited during judging. Many participants wear jeans and polo shirts or button downs. 

Additional Resources

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Competition Pictures: