February 2021 SPC Webinar

Dr. Brian Vander Ley joins us this month to discuss feedlot health from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Great Plains Veterinary Educational Center.


January 2021 SPC Webinar

Animal Breeding 101

with Jackie Atkins, Ph.D.


December  2020 SPC Webinar

An overview of the feedlot and the genetic parameters. Chip Kemp discusses the incoming data from your calves. We will also be going over the Feeder Profit Calculator and looking at predictive measurements for your calves.

with Chip Kemp



 Previous Webinars 

2018-2019 Webinar videos

April 2019Carcass Grading Basics with Lane Giess

March 2019 - Identifying, Managing, and Marketing of the Feedlot Calf

February 2019 - 

January 2019Drs. Wade Shafer and Jackie Atkins discuss animal breeding and genetics.

December 2018This month's webinar features an update about your calves, a discussion about their initial value as they arrived at the feedlot, and an overview of the Feeder Profit Calculator and how that tool can help predict your calves' value at the end of the feedlot phase.

November 2019 - DNA testing overview

Click here to watch the 2018-2019 informational meeting.

2018 Steer Profitability Competition (SPC)  Informational Webinars

June 5, 2018SPC Overview and Wrap up with Chip Kemp

May 1, 2018:   The process in the packing plant and the basics of quality and yield grading

April 3, 2018:   The Profit Picture  Understanding Feedlot and Carcass Data

March 6, 2018:  Delivery to Harvest, Decisions, and Management with Trevor Tuell, Diamond V.  Steer Profitability Competition Webinar.

February 6, 2018:  Data Drive by the Numbers with Rachel Endecott PhD., American Simmental Association:  What can we learn from the data collected at the feedyard during the SPC project? Intake, average daily gain, feed gain? Absolutely. But what else? Dr. Rachel Endecott, ASA Director of Youth Development and Special Projects, will lead a discussion about just what else we can find in that set of data.

January 2, 2018 Webinar:  Drs. Jackie Atkins and Wade Shafer discuss Genetics and Animal Breeding.

December 5, 2017 Webinar:  Dr. Brandi Karisch, Assistant Extension/Research Professor at Mississippi State University, Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences, discusses Feeder Calf Health

November 7, 2017 Webinar:  Overview and update from the feedlot facilities, University of Missouri Beef Research & Teaching Farm, Columbia, MO, DNA Testing, and National Classic and SPC integration announcement.

September 2107 informational webinar here.


Webinar Archive

Archived videos from 2017

Archived videos from 2016



If you have any questions regarding the webinar or the SPC, or wish to enter the program, feel free to reach out to Chip Kemp (406-587-4531, ext. 508) or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..