June 11-15 - North Central - West Fargo, ND
June 19-22 -  South Central - Stillwater, OK
June 19-22 - Eastern - Lewisburg, WV - June 19-22
June 26-29 -  Western - Logan, UT

July 21-28 -  National Classic, - Louisville, KY in conjunction with the  Simmental Breeders Sweepstakes



December Webinar:  Your Calf's Value - Now and in the Future

Speakers: SPC staff
Description: This month's webinar will feature an update about your calves, a discussion about their initial value as they arrived at the feedlot, and an overview of the Feeder Profit Calculator and how that tool can help predict your calves' value at the end of the feedlot phase. 

Click here to watch the December webinar

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AJSA Youth Development Scholarship

The American Simmental-Simbrah Foundation (ASF) is collecting donations to fund six scholarships for young beef enthusiasts that participate in the Steer Profitability Competition (SPC). A goal of $12,000 has been set to create scholarships, and help pay the expense of capturing feed intake and carcass data. The SPC challenges participants, ranging in age from eight to 21, to measure and compare the profitability of their own animals, through monthly meetings, lectures, essays, and reports. Last year, 31 beef industry youths enrolled 66 cattle from nine different states. During their involvement, they were introduced to peers, mentors, industry advocates, and experiences that are exceedingly difficult to acquire for any beef producer.  Go to www.simmental.org/foundation to donate.

The AJSA is dedicated to providing its members with every opportunity to succeed. In doing so we would like to make all members aware of the various industry awards offered to agriculturally minded youth all around the country.

Merit Awards, Peter Courtney Memorial & Industry Awards